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A Focus on American Values

A Sensible Approach to Our Most Pressing Issues

Support Dr. Shadi Ayyas to make a statement about backing American values in Congress. Dr. Ayyas is a Democrat seeking election to the U.S. House of Representatives for Virginia's 10th Congressional District. He is passionate about making positive change in healthcare, education, climate change, immigration reform, and the economy.

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Healthcare, Education, & Climate Change

Dr. Ayyas supports the Affordable Care Act and will strive to improve Medicaid expansion. Improving ACA also to get Medicaid expansion to be able to include those farmers and folks who work hard in the farms of northern VA including those in farmers in VA in Loudoun County, Prince Williams, Frederick County and Clarke County. He believes the focus of healthcare should be on its human aspect and ensuring everyone gets the care they need. He also supports meaningful improvements to our school system, as well as building a sustainable agreement on how to cope with climate change. Climate change is already affecting our planet and our country, but it will only get worse unless we do something with our children in mind.

Immigration Reform

Humanitarian action is needed for immigration reform. People who live and work in our communities are facing an uncertain future. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was a promise made to people who have not committed a crime. They were brought here by parents fleeing persecution, poverty, and war, and they have worked hard to achieve the American dream.

Economic Issues

Dr. Ayyas believes we should avoid engaging in trade wars with other countries and therefore supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the North American Free Trade Agreement. We should be open to the rest of the world and the international community, as well as more humanitarian laws that make business between countries better.

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