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I am an American physician and a United State Diplomat, who served Embassy Staff and their families, U.S. Marines abroad and Veterans here in the United States. I live in Purcellville, Loudon County, Virginia. I am the husband of a great wife and mother and the father of three lovely boys.

I have been practicing medicine for the last eighteen years. I currently practice mainly in Winchester, however, I serve patients from all over Virginia. As a Diplomat, I have learned that the best way to serve your country is to keep your life simple and clean. Moreover, I have learned that ending difficult conflicts begins with a smile. This experience was not always a positive one because I have also seen corruption and nepotism of government they were razing great cultures and successful nations.

Letter From FLOTUS

Being a grass root organizing leader, I was lucky to meet people, from various backgrounds, who share my progressive values and who are genuine in seeking change for a better future for their nation. Moreover, I have learned that respecting and empowering the young people of our nation—by trusting and teaching them the right organizing skills will reveal the good within their character that increases their self-confidence to be able to get out the positive thoughts growing up fighting their early rebellious stages.

I was blessed for being a humanist medical doctor who received many Medical Awards after many long years of hard work in silence. The feeling of an individual that someone is keeping track of his hard work in our nation is rewarding. This is what makes our nation great and that is why we should keep the checks and balances of our system. I have taken care of my patients as if they were family—in fact, we are all one big family. I have learned to take the hardest decisions while dealing with life and death situations with my patients—however, we Medical Doctors took an oath: ”first, do no harm.” I have worked in my early adulthood as a hydrogeologist working on projects funded by the World Bank. They were projects in disaster areas. My mission then was to try to find and search for new water sources for people who lived in razed war zone areas. These days were rewarding as well because I was able to meet people who were nothing but happy energetic human beings striving with hope—even though they were going through the worst hardships of their lifetime. I have learned that with hope and patience peace can be achieved from folks were living in havoc and destruction—this how I was able to learn more and appreciate the miracle of life and peace.

Moreover, during these days working as a geologist, I have learned how to love and appreciate our mother planet more. Dear friends, we have to love our Mother Earth, our only home and take care of our climate preserving it for future generations to come. Our country is part of Mother Earth, a main reason why we should love this country the same way we love and cherish our mothers.

During these days, an individual's success is measured by how much money he possesses in a bank. However, a man of value, he measures his success by his ability to give back to his community while thriving for peace, love and harmony in his society. I hope that with your support by taking the right decision I could serve my country well. As Thomas à Kempis once said: “If God were our one and only desire we would not be so easily upset when our opinions do not find outside acceptance.” We all know that as American citizens we are entitled to have a variable and diverse opinion, however, what we have seen recently is a peril to our nation—some are using disinformation and fear mongering to hijack many kind American citizens. We all know that the stakes are so high that we cannot let complacency or easiness send our country into the abyss.

We should use communication which is key today. Moreover, we should make our values known right away to avoid unnecessary public confusion. The more we can settle now, the better off we will be down the road. Each one of us should step up to the podium in order to fill our very important role. I will be glad to be able to be a partner with many great people who share my values and who have been serving our country well. I hope that with this new endeavor I can make a difference. I hope that we can all join efforts in unifying all Americans here in VA 10 and work on many important progressive issues together.

I am open to your ideas and input—together we will take what seems to be baby steps in the beginning, however, this snowball of change will grow prospectively so that our future and the future of our children is an even brighter tomorrow.

As American citizens, each one of us can help our nation—not only with his stepping up to the podium, but also by simply doing his job reasonably. I hope that we can all be able to fill our very important role as private citizens. We should be like the bridge we provide that hopefully will fill in a critical gap that will be of great aid to others in our great nation. I hope that all of us can cross that bridge over the muddles of ignorance, hate, and discrimination toward an even brighter tomorrow. This past month we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. legacy who was a great and remarkable man. Dr. King possessed high gravitas and high values who valued equality, justice, and love. I want to share with you and reminisce this excerpt from Dr. King’s speech in 1963: ”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

I hope we can all live our legacy and try to make that dream fact. Onward with the fight for justice, equality, and harmony in our country.

May God Bless you, Bless our Common Wealth and Bless The United States of America.